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Guided Trip Schedule 2022
We customize each trip based on a first come first served basis. Your group may join any "Scheduled Trips" with participant openings. Your group may start a "New Trip" (set trip emphasis and/or dates) but we must have a minimum of 4 participants to commence the trip (we reserve the right to cancel a trip if no more than 3 participants have joined the trip). If you have less than 4 participants we will try to mix you with already scheduled trips first (***). If the "Scheduled Trips" conflict with your schedule we can book a "New Trip" with only 2 people, but we will still need a minimum of 4 to commence the trip. We try to keep no more than 10 participants to a group on mixed trips. Our average trip size is 6 people. We are able to customize 1 to 15 participants for a private trip (your group only) It is important to keep in mind that this schedule is continually being added to and subtracted from, as we approach the summer season.

Booking for 2022 starting October 1st

Early Reservations Are Highly Recommended


2022 pricing

$330/day for adults, $315/day for children under 12

LATE JUNE through MID-SEPTEMBER Absaroka Range or Wind River Range, 5 days, $1,650 Adults/$1,575 Children, or 3 days $990 Adults/$945 Children

JULY through MID-SEPTEMBER Wind River Range, 7 days, Adults/$2,310 Children $2,205

LATE MAY- EARLY JUNE Red Desert 3 days, Adults/$990, Children/$945

JUNE and SEPTEMBER Sweetwater Canyon 3 days, Adults/$990, Children/$945

3 -day trip $990 per adult, $945 per child

5-day trip $1,650 per adult, $1,575 per child

7-day trip $2,310 per adult, $2,205 per child

Fly-fishing emphasis means we will be traveling to high alpine lakes to fish. Non fisherman are welcome to enjoy the hikes. All Wind River Range trips have access to excellent fishing, and can be designated fly-fishing emphasis for first booking.

* All Cirque of The Towers trips or any Dickinson Park TH's will require a Tribal fishing permit. If desired and available, can be scheduled to Cirque of The Towers per request, and will be marked.

** Minimum of 4 has not been met yet. Multiple destination listing ie:"Wind River Range or Absaroka Range or Cirque of The Towers" means that particular trip may not have had a request yet to either destination or profile/emphasis and could still be determined by a participant request, backcountry conditions, or Lander Llama Company.

*** Singles or more may join.

2% Discount for cash/check

Private and custom trips available