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Llama Trekking

 Llama Trekking Wyoming

A typical day on the trail starts at about 9:00 A.M. Hiking at a comfortable pace and with several short breaks, we'll travel until lunchtime. After eating we'll continue hiking to our day's destination, reaching it by midafternoon. While your guides unpack the llamas and set up camp, you may wish to explore the area or wet a line while dinner is being prepared. Of course, if you enjoy "all aspects" of camping, you're welcome to lend a hand. On layover days, you may rise early or sleep late, and the day's activities will be tailored to your desires. On days that we travel, we'll rise early, eat a hearty breakfast, and hit the trail with plenty of time ahead to hike and enjoy our next campsite. Our Red Desert trips are different. Once we reach our base camp, we'll stay three to four days and hike the surrounding areas.

Besides hiking and exploring, the Wind River and Absaroka Ranges offer excellent fly fishing and spectacular scenery. These Wyoming mountains are a photographer's dream-- where wild flowers and big game observation abound. You may enjoy hiking and climbing where few people have been or simply sunning yourself on the mountainside. The Red Desert offers a uniquely educational and introspective experience. These trips offer ancient Indian history, fossil viewing, and unique plant and geological identification. Regardless of your desired activity level or destination, we're around to tend to your needs, so you can attend to your pleasures.

These destinations offer some of the last secluded and untouched wilderness in the lower 48, and Lander Llama Company is one of the first and only llama outfitters to commercially operate in these spectacular places. Our dignified and friendly llamas are at home here, and excel as beasts of burden. Come join us for a few magnificent days and do what very few have ever done!

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