Scott and Therese
"I respect the wilderness and enjoy guiding people to these wonderful destinations. I am dedicated to our llamas and our business in an extra effort to provide our guests with a quality back-country experience." Scott Woodruff

About Lander Llama Company........

Lander Llama Company was founded by Scott and Therese Woodruff in 1985 in the spectacular Wind River Country of western Wyoming. The company has grown to be one of the most prominent and respected llama outfitters in the United States, gaining national recognition by several outdoor publications and land management agencies. Scott has served on the International Llama Association BOD. Our guides and staff are committed to your safety and comfort on the trail. They have a thorough knowledge of pack llamas, the unique geography, flora & fauna, and have been educated with a major emphasis on preserving the wilderness from the social and physical impacts caused by human visits.
Lander Llama Company operates under permits issued by the Shoshone National Forest, Bridger-Teton National Forest, and the Bureau of Land Management.

Lander Llama Company
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