You will each receive a “stuff sack” the day before departure for your personal clothing and items, which should be packed and ready to go the following morning. The stuff sacks will be laying out on the red picnic-table at Lander Llama Co. with your names attached after 3:00 P.M. the day before departure. It will include a trowel and TP, and a small collapsible wash basin. Please bring the packed stuff sack and any other gear the morning of departure at 2024 Mortimore Lane, Lander.  If your clothing does not fit in the stuff sack, then experience tells us you probably have too much STUFF.  In addition to your stuff sack, your daypack or fanny pack should have your rain gear, camera, any medications, and your “filled” water bottle that you will carry so it will be readily accessible on the trail. These other items can be packed, if needed, the morning of departure. The llamas will carry the stuff sacks and everything else, and once packed will be difficult to retrieve during your hike,