A major public road,  leading to the Popo Agie Wilderness on the Shoshone National Forest (USFS) trail heads, more specifically, Bears Ears, Smith Lake, and North Fork trail heads is  now open.  For over 3 years now there was a controversial closure of the Dickinson Park Road that has been used by everyone, including Shoshone and Arapaho tribal members,  for decades. The road traverses private and tribal owned land before reaching USFS lands.  After a series of private land owner, Tribal Council, and Bureau of Indian Affairs arguments, they (Tribal Council) simply closed the road to everyone.  They claimed to have the authority to close the historical public road. The road has  easements that were funded and built with tax payer’s money and federal programs.

     Through apparent secret diplomacy and negotiations, as of August 2007 the

road can be used by non-tribal members with one fairly large financial catch…….YOU must have a Tribal Fishing Permit (sometimes called a trespass permit) simply to cross,  even if you don’t get out of your vehicle,  while traveling to our









USFS lands. The cost: $25 one way per day per person ($30 for non-residents). This means if you will be coming out a  

Dickinson Park Road—OPEN!

and our inventory of pack llamas has been reduced by a few retired llamas for a couple of years while we train and prepare some of our younger llamas. Common “frequently asked questions”  are: Q: How far in advance do we need to make a llama lease reservation? A: It really depends upon the time frame,

    For almost 19 years now,  Lander Llama Company has been leasing pack llamas for non-guided trips. The Llama lease program has become an integral and successful part of our outfitting services, with the summer of 2007 having the highest demand ever. Unfortunately, many would be llama renters have

assumed the llamas will be available for their trip after they have arranged all of the rest of their vacation, only to find out that during their desired time frame we had no llamas available.  Just remember not to put the cart in front of the “llama” so to speak.  The summer of 2008 will most likely be the same,

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The Popo Agie Wilderness offers beautiful scenery and fruitful fishing.

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Reserve Your Llamas Early


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