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Issue 13

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The Adventures of Web--The Big Black Lab

WOOF!--I mean, howdy from Wyoming!  Summertime sure is a dog's life!  I've met so many of Therese and Scott's neat friends over the summer!  Every morning before a llama trip leaves, they let me retrieve sticks, (I could do that all day!), play tug-of-war, or play soccer with my favorite ball!  Every time the people first see me they say-"Whoa-he's a big one!"  I'm not fat, I'm an English Labrador; they're big-boned!  I get lots of exercise over the summer-really
     Therese even takes me with her to pick up llamas at the trailhead.  I think she thinks I'm protecting her from…what?...bears?  I'm not sure-Oh well, I know I keep her company while Scott's gone on llama trips because she talks to me all the time.  Scott even takes me to some of the trailhead drop-offs and pick ups.  Once, at Dickenson Park, he let me run around while he helped saddle the llamas, and when he was ready to go, I wasn't there.  I could hear him calling and calling my name, but I hadn't investigated the North Fork Trail yet!  So many
smells, and there was a really nice couple of hikers that I wouldn't have minded

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