Group leaders and organizers please forward this information to all participants.

Howdy from Wyoming!  Your wilderness llama pack trip is just around the corner.  Listed below are a few friendly reminders and questions to make sure your trip runs smoothly.  Please read them and return any information we should need from you.  E-mail will be the most efficient, but feel free to call anytime. We now have a customers “Check List” icon on our web site to quickly help you with your trip. Please check it out at

Your trip starts on:_______________ and ends on:__________________

The Bunk House Reservation Dates:______________________________

Lander Motel/B&B Morning Pickup________________________________

If you will be fishing, lures or flies for fishing will not be supplied, as you will need to purchase them in Lander along with your fishing licenses. We will have Woody’s Fly Shop open to choose some of your flies if desired.  We do have a few spin cast poles to share, and also quality fly rods to share for the more serious adults with advance notice.

You will each receive a “stuff sack” the day before departure for your personal clothing, which should be packed and ready to go the following morning. The stuff sacks will be laying out on the red picnic-table at Lander Llama Co. with your names attached after 3:00 P.M. the day before departure. Please bring the packed stuff sack and any other gear the morning of departure at 2024 Mortimore Lane, Lander.  If your clothing does not it in the stuff sack, then experience tells us you probably have too much STUFF.  In addition to your stuff sack, your daypack or fanny pack should have your rain gear, camera, any medications, and your “filled” water bottle that you will carry so it will be readily accessible on the trail. These items can be packed, if needed, the morning of departure. The llamas will carry the stuff sacks and everything else.

Special Note: If you are flying into Wyoming, with less than a 24-hour leeway, you will need to make sure your “carry-on” has all you will need for your wilderness trip. If your luggage is late or lost, our trips depart on time, and it could mean you may need to make last minute purchases to participate in your trip. We do not delay any trip for luggage to arrive. Also, you should never count on catching a flight on the same day your trip comes out of the wilderness.

We will meet at 7:00 A.M. the day of departure to introduce people and guides, check and/or issue your gear, pack llama panniers, and load the llamas in the trailers and drive to the backcountry trail head.  We should return to Lander by 6:00 P.M. on the last day of the trip.

You are welcome to drive your own vehicles to the trailheads, or you may ride in our trucks together with us. Please let us know if you plan on riding with Lander Llama Company to the trailheads in advance so we can plan appropriately.  The trailheads are safe and remote.

You have a balance due of $______________ on ______________. Balances are due 30 days prior to trip departure. If your trip was reserved by a credit card the balance due can be paid by the same credit card, or you can mail a personal check. Thank you.

We look forward to meeting you and showing you and your group a wonderful time in the spectacular Wyoming backcountry!


                                                                                   Scott & Therese Woodruff,  Outfitters & Guides          

Phone: 307-332-5624