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All of our guides are certified in first-aid with a back country emphasis. They have years of field experience with Lander Llama Company. They are experienced llama wranglers and handlers, and are educated in the sciences.

Lucy Smith
Shad Hamilton Riley Hopeman
Riley Hopeman
Lucy Smith
Shad Hamilton

Lucy came to Lander in the early 70's to take a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) winter mountaineering course. She immediately fell in love with the Wind River mountains and Wyoming. She became an instructor for NOLS in 1975 and embarked on twenty years of instructing that took her from Wyoming to Mexico, Alaska to Kenya and India.  In between instructing, she participated in five mountaineering expeditions to Nepal, spent 3 seasons with US Antarctic program and traveled for a year in Asia and Africa.  Life switched gears in the late 90's when she moved to the neighboring Wind River Indian reservation and for the next 10 years she cattle ranched and held several nursing positions with the tribes' medical facilities. Lucy for the past few summers thouroughly enjoys her return to the mountains, guiding for Lander Llama Company, and introducing new comers to the mountains. 

Shad is a native of Wyoming. Shad joined LLC in 1998 . He is an avid outdoor enthusiast excelling in backpacking, pedaling, extreme snow boarding and canoeing. Shad is a college graduate Magma Cum Laude with a B.S. and Masters in Science and Education from Chadron State College. Shad is a school administrator and teacher in Lander. Shad is a quiet hard worker, and trains the pack llamas well. Shad loves the great outdoors! You really need to check his BLOG out to catch his wild snow rides http://landerbackcountry

.blogspot .com

Riley was born in Colorado and moved to Lander, WY with his family when he was two. He took his first 50+-mile hike with his dad, uncles and cousin when he was 7 years old. At 14, he successfully completed a 30-day NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) course. Riley was an All-State Nordic skier during his high school career. As an undergraduate at the University of Wyoming he was a USCSA Individual Nordic National Champion and a member of the USCSA National Nordic Championship team. In 2006, Riley graduated with degrees in Journalism and Physical Geography. He is currently employed as a NOLS Instructor. Riley joined LLC in 2001. He loves anything that has to do with the great outdoors. Check out his Bus Dance.
Lara Vowles Sam Pedersen Bob Scholl
Lara Vowles Locke
Sam Pedersen
Bob Scholl
From Wyoming, Lara has been with Lander Llama Company since 1998. She is a graduate of the University of Vermont in Burlington, Vermont. She graduated majoring in Environmental Sciences. Backpacking, hiking, camping (anything involving being outside),swimming, and running are some activities she loves doing. While attending school, one of her favorite activities is donating her time at a local humane society as a dog walker/companion, along with getting out and seeing the eastern U.S. Lara has successfully completed a 30-day NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) course. Lara has assisted university researchers on Mt. Everest for two years in a row. Lara currently is employed as a paraprofessional . Sam is a nephew of Scott and Therese. Sam has been raised in the outdoors. He is a 2005 Lander Valley High School with a 4.0 GPA. Sam is athletic and holds the 2003, and 2004 Wyoming State Championship Title in Nordic cross country skiing. Sam is hard to keep off the boulders as he loves to scramble the rocks. Sam is an excellent wrangler and guide and knows the llamas well growing up with Scott. Sam graduated the University of New Hampshire in chemical engineering, and currently is employed by Halliburton. Sam loves the great outdoors. Bob joined LLC in 1997. Of large Swedish decent, you will feel safe with Bob. He has years of river guiding and fly-fishing experience in Montana and Wyoming. His fly-fishing skills and trout habitat knowledge are hard to match. Bob has served as the Popo Agie Anglers president.   Bob has been a graphic and web site designer since 1997.  His designs can be seen at www.websitesolutions

Bob recently has been exploring the unique world of rock hounding, collecting and selling jade from Wyoming to all parts of the world.

Bob on ESPN-2 with Lander Llama Company

Chris Harr

Born in the Virginia cave country, Chris has had a lifelong fascination with wild things and places.  Among his interests and pursuits, he has helped survey over 100 caves, and photographed and explored in many others.  As an active falconer, he has trained most native species of raptor, and has held a federal Falconry Permit at the Master level for over two decades.  His other interests include flyfishing and traveling the Wilderness via foot, snowshoe, or paddle.  He has lived in Wyoming with his wife Dana for the past seven years.